Stoma Marking Pocket Guide

Stoma Marking Pocket Guide

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This 64-page laminated (10x10 cm; 4x4 inch) spiral bound guide easily fits in your pocket. With text where appropriate supported with evidence from the literature and over 50 color photos/diagrams, this educational resource is designed as a quick reminder of the major elements that comprise the clinical practice of stoma site marking.

Clinical content includes:

  • Why it is important to undertake stoma site marking preoperatively
  • What stoma site marking preoperatively entails
  • Who should undertake stoma site marking
  • How to choose an optimal stoma site
  • Stoma site marking challenges
  • Stomas in infants and children
  • References

WCET® Guide to Stoma Site Marking. Crawshaw A, Ayello EA (Eds). Perth Australia: WCET, 2018